Budget July 2015

Once you get past all of the Hype, Discussions and Number Crunching of this budget, we feel that something needs to be SHOUTED about and thats YOU our temporary workers. There where a number of legislative changes in the budget and it will be interesting to see how our end user clients react, however, with all we know, its seems certain that any changes in the work place, will increase the demand for temporary workers to plug the gaps.

What is further worth mentioning is that according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), in 2014 over 299.000 people where working in a temporary role by choice as they did not seek permantent placements and prefered they flexible life style that this offered.

We at Mynt Reruitment see this pattern with our workforce, and know that YOU are an integral part ok UK PLC – Thank you.

As a foot note here – If you are looking for work temporary or otherwise or need to recruit new staff why not contact us today.